The Emissary: A Book Review by Debbie West

The screenplay format of Patricia Cori’s The Emissary, quickly optioned by Global Entertainment Holdings, is already in development to become a major motion picture. It is a fact-based fictional account of the mass extinction event taking place on planet Earth. In Dan Brown’s eerie Da Vinci Code style, author Patricia Cori takes the reader into a world of unexplained reality and concepts perhaps too real for us to imagine in our busy lives.

In this newly released, spell-binding book, lead character Jamie Hastings is sought out due to her unique psychic and remote viewing skills and brought into a military black ops program, masked as oil exploration on the pretense of preserving whale sanctuaries. When it’s discovered that the real assignment is to search out an advanced civilization beneath the oceans, the mysterious nuances and synchronicities tied to events playing out on the world stage awaken the reader to a disturbing thought. Within our subconscious lingers the notion that we are not alone in this universe and that this fact has been hidden for a very long time.

Author Patricia Cori gives her readers a lot to ponder as she draws them into a new world of possibilities. In fact, can whales communicate, as they do with psychic Jamie Hastings in The Emissary? Our science argues that they do indeed communicate and are of a very high intelligence. On the wake of the most recent Taiji dolphin slaughters, legislation is arguing that dolphins be given the status of “Non-Human Personhood,” and activists like Ric O’Barry are pleading for humanity to get outraged. O’Barry’s award winning documentary, The Cove, produced in 2009 and listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most film awards ever recorded, is a daring look into the brutal inhuman treatment of unbelievable cruelty that occurs as dolphin families are separated from their young, causing mothers to abort and forcing the pod to watch as each one is either bludgeoned to death or led to a life in captivity.

Weaving an intriguing tale, Patricia Cori’s The Emissary reveals through her character, Jamie Hastings, how to persevere on a journey to seek truth using inner guidance and trust. Cori’s message of galactic hope and transparency are spelled out in her profound earlier trilogy, The Sirian Revelations, which for the discerning readers explores humanity’s continuing struggle to evolve into a new heart-centered frequency.

But The Emissary is relentless in driving home another main point: the reckless destruction by mankind of Earth’s oceans and all its inhabitants. Mirrored in truth, the story parallels a real life U.S. Navy sonar-testing program, as reported by the New York Times, that includes the annihilation of as estimated 13 million cetaceans – including whales and dolphins.

“These virtually unregulated Navy Warfare Testing Programs already approved are now taking a toll on all aquatic life. The sonar exercises at issue would take place off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Hawaii, Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico – affecting literally every coastal state. In many regions, the Navy plans to increase the number of training exercises or expand the areas in which they may occur,” stated Rosalind Peterson, California President and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition, a citizen watch organization that monitors geoengineering and warfare activities.

There again comes a glimpse of reality vs. fiction with memories of other actual news stories by the Huffinton Post, The New York Times and CNN, citing countless mysterious reports of beached whales, entire dolphin pods, dead birds, fish and other marine life in unexplained genocide.

The “Great Noise” described through communication with the whales in The Emissary, is related to sonar testing and to HAARP technology, an actual military program long suspected of being tied to geoengineering. Cori reminds us, through this marvelous fictional story, that our own discernment will lead us to the truth, that the only way to overcome adversity is to face it with courage and conviction and that the light prevails … but not without brave warriors like the novel’s heroine, Jamie Hastings, whose uncanny resemblance to the author does not go unnoticed.

Appealing to society to protest the destruction of our oceans, violence against whales and dolphins and a plea for humanity to wake up has been a tireless and lifelong personal crusade for Patricia Cori. In a previous book, entitled Before We Leave You: Messages from the Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings, she explores Earth’s energetic connection to whales and dolphins, whose sounds provide a vibration field for our Earth and chords of communication waves that raise the entire planet into higher realms of consciousness. Perhaps, as many report, battles in the oceans are more than marine testing programs and military bases like AUTEC (Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center) can lead to a bigger story.

USO’s (underwater submerged objects) have been sighted and recorded in our recent history by military eyewitnesses and even by Christopher Columbus in his crossing to the New World as shown in the History Channel Documentary. Traces of an advanced society by Admiral Byrd’s expeditions in Antarctica, along with strange military operations and ancient texts of the Lemurian and Atlanataen cultures, support the existence of a greater interdimensional force on this planet. As absurd as that might sound, the historical trail of continuous covert corruption by human hands concludes that, as stewards of Earth, we must stay diligent in our pursuit of justice and honor of all life – and sometimes that challenges us to use a knowing eye and a brave heart.

Cori’s real life fight to save our oceans began several years ago with a personal experience with whales and dolphins that shook her to the core: a life changing event that resulted in the formation of the non-profit Save Earth’s Oceans, where all can join together on the quest to save the whales and dolphins and our planet. Save Earths’ Oceans held an extraordinary event in London on April 25th, Singing the Oceans Alive, to raise awareness of the plight of marine life featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and FLASHMOB kids who sang Under the Sea.

What IS under the sea that covers 2/3rds of this planet? Maybe we should listen to the whales and dolphins that have lived there for millions of years. Patricia Cori is.

—Deborah West worked in corporate public relations and media for over 20 years She is currently a freelancer, reporting on a wide variety of topics including disclosure, ancient and multidimensional civilizations, the shift in humanity’s consciousness and bringing truthful reporting to topics ranging from healthcare to energy. She writes a column called Lost Knowledge an online newspaper published at the Edgar Cayce Center and does a weekly radio show called Lost Knowledge on WolfSpirit Radio. Her articles can be found on Waking Times, SERI Worldwide, AltNews, The Peoples Voice and CNN iReport.

I am a sucker for a good cover and the cover for Patricia Cori’s novel, “The Emissary,” immediately caught my attention. I often think that cover art is a lost element of many books with the increasing popularity of ebooks but the cover of this novel just made me feel compelled to give it a try. I started the novel with the hope that the story would live up to the promise of the cover.

A global disaster seems certain when three ecological disasters strike within minutes of each other. In Los Angeles, hundreds of blackbirds fall from the sky while the beaches of Maine are covered with fish that have washed up from the ocean. Most striking is the mass beaching of 150 whales and dolphins in New Zealand. Jamie Hastings is in New Zealand when the disaster strikes and rushes to the beach to try and save the marine mammals. Jamie is a renowned psychic researcher and telepath and she develops a disturbing connection with the whales that she is trying to save. She is still troubled by the events when she accepts the invitation of a global oil company, USOIL, to use her psychic powers to search for oil in the Pacific Ocean in an environmentally friendly manner.

Jamie soon finds herself on a boat in the Pacific Ocean when she discovers that there is something much more sinister at play. USOIL is not what it seems and Jamie finds herself drawn into a situation that could lead to the end of the world. Jamie is connected to something greater than her wildest dream and she must work to stop a doomsday weapon that is ready to be unleashed on the Earth. Jamie is the only one who can truly understand what is happening and becomes the sole avenue of communication between the destructive force and the people who have been misusing the planet. Jamie has become the emissary between the forces of man and the almost infinite power of the ocean and only she can save the world.

“The Emissary” could be categorized as an environmental novel but it is much more than that. It is a kind of science fiction or modern fantasy novel about the destruction of the environment and one woman’s psychic connection to the environment that can lead to ultimate salvation of civilization. It is a fast-paced novel that captures the reader not only for its action but also for the message that it conveys about the necessity of finding a balance between technology and nature. Jamie is a woman who is torn between the modern world and the natural world and is frantically searching for that balance before it is too late. This is a thriller of the highest level but also a novel that will make the reader step back and reflect on the state of the world. Cori is able to handle these two aspects of the novel in a very strong manner and she makes the novel much more than a simple thriller.

“The Emissary” is Cori’s first novel and it displays her talent the promises of a bright future for her and her fans. It is obvious that Cori has a passion for her writing and her subject matter that makes “The Emissary” a compelling novel. I was happy to spend a couple hours in the world that she creates and found myself cheering for the characters in the novel in a way that I find missing in many books. “The Emissary” is a very strong novel for an adult audience but it is also suitable for a younger audience with a message the resonates for any reader who is concerned with the state of the world. There are elements of several genres in the novel that makes it easily accessible for fans of various types of fiction and that ensure that it is an enjoyable book for a wide range of readers. “The Emissary” is a very enjoyable novel and I look forward to reading more from Cori in the future.

—Josef Hernandez,

The Emissary is an action packed, exceptional story, that was so compelling I couldn’t put the book down. Patricia Cori did an excellent job of making me feel as though I was with Jamie (the main character), helping the dolphins and whales from her communication with these beautiful mammals to her willingness to do whatever was necessary to prevent/head-off a potential disaster caused by the corporate greed of big oil and save the planet. Although, the story is fictional there is much to be said about how real this story could be if we continue down our current path with our abuse of our resources and neglect for its inhabitants. The story is so well told, with lots of action, and lots of spiritual messages woven in that my hope is that it is made into a movie soon.

–Krystalya Marie
Best-selling author with Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra & Mark Victor Hansen in the Wake-Up Books series, and author of the One-Minute Energy Tune-up series of books and products

Engaging novel combines metaphysics and international intrigue
Patricia Cori’s first foray into fiction presents a story that covers topics close to her heart. The story’s heroine is a psychic who is called to protect the planet and its cetacean inhabitants. This mirrors what Cori herself, a channeler, is doing with her non-profit endeavor to protect Earth’s oceans. The novel contains interesting intrigue that reflects real life issues, such as spy agencies, big oil, psychic mediums, shadow government, ETs, military frequencies affecting the planet and wildlife, and more. I found this novel to have a pretty nice pace and decent character development. Using fiction to present messages about real world phenomena is a valuable approach, and Cori has employed this in an impressive manner for her first novel. Her previous books present a more direct description of the intrigues that have been playing out on Earth, and are also quite engaging. Thus, if you enjoy The Emissary and would like to learn about the ideas that inspired this story I would recommend reading her Sirian messages in books such as Cosmos of Soul, Atlantis Rising, and No More Secrets, No More Lies.
—April 5, 2014 Amazon review by: Jed Shlackman (Miami, FL United States)

“As a stand-alone fiction book, “The Emissary” is one hell of a good story – but read between the lines, and you’ll discover so much more! Patricia Cori’s inspirational protagonist, Jamie Hastings, has much to teach us all – and while the book may be set in the often unchartered territories of whales and dolphins, it carries a powerful message that none of us can afford to miss. As I was drawn into the well written, intriguing and un-put-downable tale, the figure of Erin Brockovich kept coming to mind – and I have no doubt, that in the future “The Emissary” will be turned into one of those films that we’ll look back on as a world game-changer.”

—Olivia Stefanino, author “Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!”

The Emissary packs a delicious adventure filled with intrigue and secrets and whisks you off on a ride that you don’t want to get off. Through the story that unfolds, it also invites all of us to look at the role we play in our evolving world. Through the fast paced events that occur, deftly led by our heroine Jamie Hastings, readers are guided to become emissaries as well – sent on a very special mission that is born from author Patricia Cori’s passion in the world.

That mission for some may be to curl up in a chair, to give themselves a respite from life’s demands, and get lost in the voyage of The Emissary. For others, the special mission becomes a journey of self-exploration, of appreciation of all creatures great and small, and an invitation to fully embrace our roles as ambassadors of our planet.

It’s a story of hope, dedication, and perseverance. But more, it’s a story of love between a very special woman and those who create the songs in our waters. May we use the messages contained within The Emissary to help us ensure those songs continue forever.

—Christine Andrew

Enlightening Radio,

“Patricia Cori’s The Emissary is a ‘cannot put it down’ book. Its tale of a world drowning in self interest and greed, out to destroy the very guardians of that world, the Cetaceans, starts the reader on a roller coaster of excitement, intrigue and race against time.

From the outset characters speak to us from the eclectic diversity tied up and confronted by humanity’s inevitable self annihilation. Heroine Jamie Hastings, an enigmatic latter day shaman and passionate environmentalist, whose insights and other dimensional awareness help solve dead cases for a LA Police Department at the end of their tether. Her first love is for whales and dolphins and witnessing their inexplicable death of hundreds on a beach disaster brings her to the attention of darker corporate self interest. An appointment with destiny is thus sealed and we are riveted into her journey to its conclusion.

Becoming immersed in the lives of each character, we may see some familiar characters that have passed through our own lives. Patricia’s pace, vivid imagery and sensitivity skilfully unfurls a deepening, gripping and horrifying tale.

For those who love this blue marble, I challenge you not be so absorbed that you will want to read it at one sitting. A story never riper to be complimented as a thunderingly good screenplay, The Emissary is a modern day masterpiece. Belt up and love the ride!

—Jonathan Trapman, Author and Visual Artist


Author: Patricia Cori
Publisher: North Atlantic Books

In a hauntingly beautiful novel, author Patricia Cori knows how to tell a story, raise an important and vital environmental concern, and keep the reader’s heart pumping with excitement, intrigue and suspense. The Emissary is an “I can’t put this down” story that touches the soul and captivates the mind with a unique plot and unexpected twists – from the opening chapters to its conclusion.

Almost simultaneously, three global events occur. While hundreds of blackbirds mysteriously drop out of the sky in Los Angeles, tens of thousands of dead fish cover the beaches in Maine, and 150 whales and dolphins find their way to shore in New Zealand where they lie dead or are dying on the beach.

Enter Jamie Hastings, renowned psychic researcher whose deep-soul connection with the dying whales brings her to the attention of USOIL, a Texas-based oil company and its CEO, Mat Anderson. Before she knows it, Jamie finds herself on board a USOIL ship with a cast of characters who range from infuriating to mystifying to charming to villainous, and a darling dog named Fin whose love for and interaction with whales transcends human understanding. Jamie is on a mission against evil in a way that both surprises and disturbs. Could a secret government be plotting to silence the music of the whales and dolphins of the oceans off the waters of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada while most of the world is unaware or chooses to ignore the signs? Terrifying possibility.

Attention to detail (vis a vis marine knowledge), passion (about and for Nature’s ocean life, especially whales and dolphins), and an ability to weave catastrophic events and conservationism (with hints of espionage, subterfuge and innocence) are the marks of an author who knows how to write well and a book that is an important read. Patricia Cori is such an author. The Emissary is such a book.

The Emissary speaks to the soul of Planet Earth in a unique way: via a compelling narrative whose primary theme is the ongoing destruction of the earth’s oceans which would silence the music of whales and dolphins (higher consciousness communication) and never begin to be heard and understood.

In development to become a motion picture, the book/movie brings creatures-of-the-deep and human beings together, poignantly and captivatingly drawing attention to the existence of souls in both ocean creatures (and dogs) who can be our sacred teachers … if we let them.

Unique in its ability to both educate and entertain – challenge and intrigue – disturb and invite response, this book is not only a “cannot put down” book, it is a book whose story and message continue to haunt … and compel this reader to action.

—June Maffin

Sunday Jan 26, 2014 – The Emissary

I just finished reading The Emissary, a novel by Patricia Cori. This novel is a fun read that also packs a strong environmental message.

Patricia Cori grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and became emerged in the new age movement as it developed there in the 1970s. She has studied philosophy, ancient civilizations, mysticism, spirituality, and metaphysical healing. She has written twelve non-fiction books, but The Emissary is her first foray into fiction.

Ms. Cori is also a diehard activist for the cause of saving the earth’s oceans and has spent many hours studying the interaction of humans to whales and dolphins. In 2012 she founded Save Earth’s Oceans Inc., a non-profit dedicated to awakening people to the need to restore the balance of the world’s oceans.

The Emissary opens with dramatic events: thousands of blackbirds fall from the sky in Los Angeles; a sea shore in Maine is covered with a mass of dead fish; and hundreds of whales and dolphins stranding themselves on a beach in New Zealand. This had a big impact on me as I had just read an article about 100,000 fish found dead at Sparks Marina in Nevada. This has followed a string of such events here in California, including a mass of dead fish showing up in King Harbor, Redondo Beach in 2011. As I was writing this review I also came across an article about a mass stranding of over 50 pilot whales in Florida.

In the book It’s the stranded whales that introduce us to Jamie Hastings, a psychic who has spent time helping the LAPD solve crimes and has also helped discover oil in Pakistan.

Soon Jamie is recruited by the head of USOIL to help them find oil in the pristine waters off the coast of British Columbia. Jamie sets sail but things are not what they seem and, as the story unfolds, the true nature of the mission is learned.

A mysterious world military complex is directing a doomsday weapon that is killing whales and dolphins and could end up destroying the world. Jamie is the emissary for the Cetaceans and when the weapon triggers a huge earthquake and threatens more destruction it’s a race to see if she will be in time to save the world.

The book starts a little slowly and I really didn’t get caught up in it until chapter 3 but the first two chapters are an easy read and it was well worth sticking with the book. I also found the ending a little too abrupt and over simplified. I would have liked the story to have gone on longer but that’s mostly because I was enjoying it so much.

The Emissary is a gripping and thought provoking book that, while being a work of fiction, sends us a message that we have to protect the oceans and the creatures that live in them if we do not want to do irreparable damage to our planet. It is well worth reading.


This is the second book by Patricia Cori on the subject of whales. In the first book, entitled “Before We Leave You” (BWLY), the author relates how she had been contacted by a spokesman of their tribe (whales and dolphins) and told to pass on the message that they were on the verge of extinction and if mankind continued with their experiments with underwater sonar and extreme low frequency (ELF) waves, they would die out completely. In this fast paced thriller, she draws upon the experience mentioned in the earlier book to create a scenario that connects seamlessly with material in her previously channeled works, viz., “The Sirian Revelations” series. These books deal with the secret cartel that govern the most powerful governments of the world today, also called “The Illuminati”. The scenario that Patricia has conjured in this book, is possibly the result of a recurring dream she has had, that she has mentioned in BWLY. This story therefore feels eerily real, not least because of the pure passion that characterizes all of Patricia’s work and her very deep connection with the Cetacean family.

“Many of my childhood dreams were haunting scenes of a gigantic tsunami and some indescribable cataclysm that wiped out the entire civilization”- (taken from Before We Leave You: Messages from the Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings.)

Jamie Hastings, the protagonist of “The Emissary” is a born second generation psychic. She is witness to a mass beaching of whales in New Zealand where she is holidaying. As she takes in the horror of the event, she notices one dying female of the species who is heavily pregnant. The two make a special contact, and it seems that an unspoken message has been transferred between them. Unknown to Jamie, two other similar mass deaths have taken place, all three triggered by the same source in Alaska, military transmission towers sending out ELF waves that play havoc with the navigation systems of birds, fish and marine animals.

On another front, the super rich Texan tycoon Mat Anderson whose stocks are not yielding satisfactory returns, happens to notice Jamie on a TV talk show and finds himself fascinated by her personality. He researches her background as a psychic and subsequently makes contact with her, asking her to help him prospect for oil in the North Pacific, in an area which also happened to be a sanctuary for orcas. Jamie reluctantly agrees because she sees an opportunity of doing something to brighten the future of the animals. She sets sail on a luxury yacht equipped with the latest in navigation and a varied crew viewing her with varying degrees of suspicion. The yacht is under the command of an ex marine with a presence and a dog who never leaves his master’s side.

The captain and Jamie hit it off on their first encounter. The yacht ventures into orca territory and that is when the action starts.

This is when Jamie realizes that she is meant to be an emissary for the whales. In this portrayal, Patricia draws freely from her own experience, to convey the urgency of the message.

The ending seems quite appropriate and the conversation and the characters seem plausible and genuine. The story follows the well known David- Goliath scenario, little psychic Jamie Hastings and the whales who choose her as their emissary, pitted against the combined and organized might of the government behind governments, the Illuminati. There is also a mention of alien crafts working in concert with the whales.

Speaking for myself, I got a perspective of how much we have made these magnificent and sentient beings suffer due to our myopic sense of profit. I also fished out an old copy of BWLY and re-read it with renewed enthusiasm.

I strongly recommend this book and its predecessor, Before We Leave You, to all lovers of the Cetacean family. They will find very interesting and intriguing information, information essential for our collective survival.

by Bani Sodermark



"It’s rare that I get on a novelist who’s doing things as unique and interesting as Patricia Cori. (Her book) is a fabulous read for the summer and beyond – if you like “thrilling”: it’s called THE EMISSARY – and it could actually help change the world in a profound way."
-Laura Smith
WABC Radio – Saturday Cafe

"I absolutely loved The Emissary! It was just so beautifully written - Patricia Cori is an incredible writer. The thought process behind the awareness of the characters was so amazing. What a story! Get yourself a copy of this book. It will blow your mind.”
—Robert Pepino
Host, The Global Truth Agenda Radio

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